Saturday, April 3, 2010

Instant Gratification

A good shoeshine is gratifying, made especially so by the effort and time put in. Wrap a clean cotton cloth around a finger, and mix some wax shoe polish with a bit of water. Work on one area at a time, and apply the polish in small swirls. Keep working the polish in with the swirling motion. The streaks in the polish will gradually disappear as a high shine develops. Lighten up the pressure as you go. Voila! No additional brushing or buffing needed, except maybe for some more practice.

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Tak of Van said...

I just got my New & Lingwood shoes found at OLD HAT near Wimbledon, England, which I sent from there a few weeks ago. It is Norwegian constructed bespoke golf shoes from the old Poulsen Skone inc era. They could have costed 2000 UK pounds 30 years ago. I must be very careful because those who can do this job is no longer with us even at the Jermyn Street shop! They are more beautiful than Berluti Orga III. Blimey, my shoe polish from DASCO is getting empty! I must fly to London before October to get a dozen of it.