Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air - Part 2

My first experience with bespoke tailoring was a breath of fresh air. I can be discerning on matters of clothes and cloth. And whereas the current retail environment allows for choice so long as it is available, the bespoke experience is very much defined by the wishes of the customer.

So as I set out to define my first bespoke coat, I had a selection of cloth and linings to choose from. And when I was done, my measurements were taken. I proceeded to specify how I would like the sleeves and lapels to be cut, how the inside of the coat would be faced, what the pockets were to be, and on to other matters.

Through it all, tailor and customer had a dialogue. Wishes, wants and needs were accomodated. At no point was there hesitation, or a need to settle or make do. In short, it seemed all was possible. A fresh experience indeed.


Anonymous said...

what about the end product?

Sartorial Vancouver said...

Stay tuned for the finished product. I have a forward fitting this Fall when the tailor returns to Vancouver, and the finished sportcoat would arrive sometime afterwards.