Saturday, August 6, 2011

Words to Live By

With Summer part way through and Fall around the corner, I took the time to edit (read: clean out) my wardrobe. Pieces that did not get worn much or at all were up for consideration. Several shirts, ties, socks, shoes, hats and sportcoats - likely enough to form a wardrobe on their own - lost out and were tossed. Actually, I was the one who lost out. Those items should have been keepers. You go into a friendship expecting a longterm play - acquiring a wardrobe item is no different. So where did I go wrong?

Settling. Ever wanted something but didn't go for it for one reason or another, and went instead with the next best thing? Well, you never stopped thinking about what you wanted in the first place did you?

Lured by the sale. If the goods were inferior to begin with, do they suddenly improve with a price drop? No, they don't.

Learn to love it. If it does not feel right on first impression, it rarely gets any better with time.

Those are some of the lessons learned, and over time many more will follow. And to be sure, there is a list of things that have come and gone as a reminder.