Sunday, June 28, 2009

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Black, White and Grey

Few things are black and white when it comes to style. Sure there are the rules like "no white after Labor Day" or "match your belt to your shoes," but those can be thought of as guidelines - they are there if you need them. Better yet, the world to be enjoyed is indeed grey, where good taste, and humility mixed with curiosity and creativity rule the day.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Matters of Size

As far as clothes are concerned, size does matter. A size small, medium or large will get you started, but a pair of gloves in a size 8.5 may fit you - well - like a glove. Same goes for a hat in a 57 or 7 1/8.

Those 32-inch pants will take a 34-inch belt as your belt size is usually 2 inches over that of your waist measurement. Simple enough. Size 11.5 socks are perfect for those who wear size 9/10 (UK), 43/44 (EU) or 9.5/10.5 (US) shoes. No doubt their feet measure 10 1/2 to 10 13/16 inches in length. By the way, I noticed you wear EE width shoes.

This suit is a size 48 (European) as you have been wearing a size 38 (US). It should fit your 38" chest and it is a drop six so the pants should be perfect for you.

As for this sweater in a size small, I am not sure if it will fit you. You had better try it on.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Insights and Commentary - Maeve Doyle

Insights and commentary from people involved in style and fashion in Vancouver

You are…
Maeve Doyle - Host of Style Guide on Urban Rush; Freelance Writer for Yahoo!; Instructor of Fashion Writing, Show Production /P.R. and Styling at John Casablancas Institute; and Image Consultant.

The road travelled…
Although I love what I do it seems like a career by default since I always wanted to be an artist or an art dealer but that never worked out for me. While I worked in galleries in London England and Vancouver I organized all the “private views” which are like parties with the press where you sell work or get it covered in the media. It’s always important to have good looking guests at art parties so I started inviting models and fashionistas … eventually I was producing fashion shows for money and acting as a publicist for artists and fashion lines. Vancouver Television was opening up on Burrard Street and I started doing small spots about fashion for Karning Hum (who is now with CTV in Toronto). Susie Wall and I started working for Karning at the same time.

The more things change...
The more they stay the same. People always talked about leaving Vancouver and now they are fighting hard to stay. It is with regrets that fashion industry people and art dealers have to leave Vancouver for Toronto or L.A. They always want to come back to this funny little city. This city is quaint and you can have a healthy lifestyle here compared to L.A.

On style…
Stop worrying about what to buy and have some experience … experience will give you style and confidence that will stand out from the crowd. Have a story to tell and be remembered!

Favorite memory/experience…
Having lunch with Detmar Blow on Larchmont in L.A. months after Isabella's death. He is a gallerist and was there for the L.A art fair. My friend Patrick set it up and I was blown away by Detmar’s stories of his and Isabella’s life in London.

Your style…
Valerie Bertanelli meets Courtney Love.

Big fan of...
Eternal optimists; commitment to an idea, person or place; Style Bubble; Cape Town; L.A.; Vancouver; London; Berlin; Mike Kelley; Master Sales People; good conversation and documentary; Karl Lagerfeld; Kate Moss; Hugh Hefner; Richard Prince; artists; writers; Truman Capote; gay men in general; geeks; Norm MacDonald; David Lynch; Molly Johnson on the CBC; great drama; and forgiveness!

Insights and Commentary (this is a blog afterall)...
The only cure for boredom is curiosity and there is no cure for curiosity!

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Workshop Visit - The Drycleaner

A quality, professional drycleaner is a must-have for those who care about their clothes. Not only can drycleaners ensure your shirts are fresh and crisp for the upcoming week, they can also salvage a cherished piece stained through ill fortune.

Here is a look at what goes on at a local drycleaner after clothes get dropped off by a customer.

A Tour

From the front counter, customers can watch the staff go about their work in the back room.

After garements are droped off they are inspected for stains and damage which were not specified by the customer. Loose buttons, seams and hems are repaired at this time.


are pre-treated...

with a myriad of products depending on the nature of the stain. A professional drycleaner will use their knowledge and experience to determine the best treatment for the type of stain and textile under consideration.

Garments are sorted into loads, and undergo drycleaning, or wetcleaning for items that may not withstand a drycleaning process or that have soils that would be better removed in water. The wash cycle used on the cleaning machines is tailored to each load.

Items are inspected after cleaning, to check that soils have been removed, and then pressed. Here, a pair of pants first undergo a non-contact steam process...

and then waist, hems and legs are finished on a press table.

Other equipment and processes are used for other types of garments. For example, suit coats undergo a steaming process similar to that for pants.

Garments are inspected one last time and readied for pick-up.

Other Tidbits

* The shop sees 40 customers on an average day.

* Garments are ready for pick-up in two working days, and in that time undergo about two hours of cleaning and handling.

* Metal hangers and plastic bags can be returned to the drycleaner for reuse. Alternatively, a reusable garment bag can be dropped-off and picked-up with items.

* Consumer choice awards, certificates - a Masters Certificate in Dry Cleaning, the highest trade certification in Germany - and association memberships are proudly displayed in the shop.

My thanks goes out to Elisabeth and her staff at Wagner's European Fabricare for sharing their expertise in drycleaning, and Pat at the BC Fabricare Association.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Insights and Commentary - Carlie Smith

Insights and commentary from people involved in style and fashion in Vancouver

You are…
Carlie Smith - Director of Portobello West and East markets. The Portobello Markets are monthly markets held the last Sunday of the month in Vancouver and Toronto. Portobello West is also held in Calgary in Spring and Fall.

The road travelled…
I have been in marketing since I was a teenager and always knew I wanted to have my own business; from my first business, a fruit stand at age 5, to today with an established community event. I had the idea for the market when I was living abroad in London, England and was inspired by their weekly markets and loved to buy unique items directly from the person who made or designed it. When I returned to Vancouver, I started attending every fashion related event and spreading the word about my idea and today I would say that Portobello West is quickly becoming a large part of the City and will live on beyond me. I am now in Toronto and doing it all over again for Portobello East!

The more things change…
I have seen the Vancouver fashion industry evolve into a fantastic community. Everyone involved is supportive of one another and there isn’t rivalry or resentment towards each other. Groups like the Vancouver fashion meet-up and Fashion High have worked to bring everyone together. The sense of style in Vancouver has definitely evolved as well. When I first returned from London everyone was still wearing yoga gear everywhere but most people have stepped it up and are showing their unique sense of style.

The more they stay the same…
Hmmm, I would like to say very little has stayed the same but I think there are still people that will always prefer an international brand over an independent label; however that is slowly changing. My hope is for one day to be like Capetown, South Africa where supporting local is second nature and owning big name brands is passee.

On style…
I think that style is a true reflection of yourself and that you should strive to be original in your choices rather than following what everyone else is doing.

Favorite memory/experience…
My favourite memory about what I do would be of our first market in Vancouver. It was held at the Plaza of Nations for the first three markets before we relocated to the Rocky Mountaineer Station. The day was sunny and bright, the atmosphere was buzzing and it was an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction seeing everyone coming together to bring my idea to fruition.

Your style…
My style, I love dresses! I have about 10 that are in current rotation. My favourites have pockets but they are all easy to wear with colourful details and look great with my favourite pair of Fly London boots or flip flops. They are also all from Portobello West and accessorize well with my collection of jewelry from the market!

Big fan of…
Fashion, original art, people that follow their dreams and take the risk to do their own thing.

Insights and Commentary (this is a blog afterall)...
I think you could tell based on my previous answers that I like to support local, independent businesses. Once you start to consider where your money is going you are more willing to spend a premium knowing that the money is staying within your own community and helping someone you know. The concept of shopping locally is definitely a political statement and it’s like a switch you turn on that you can’t ignore once it’s been flipped. I also think that owning my own business has given me a greater respect for those that have their own businesses and I would rather support them than some anonymous corporation.

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