Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air - Part 2

My first experience with bespoke tailoring was a breath of fresh air. I can be discerning on matters of clothes and cloth. And whereas the current retail environment allows for choice so long as it is available, the bespoke experience is very much defined by the wishes of the customer.

So as I set out to define my first bespoke coat, I had a selection of cloth and linings to choose from. And when I was done, my measurements were taken. I proceeded to specify how I would like the sleeves and lapels to be cut, how the inside of the coat would be faced, what the pockets were to be, and on to other matters.

Through it all, tailor and customer had a dialogue. Wishes, wants and needs were accomodated. At no point was there hesitation, or a need to settle or make do. In short, it seemed all was possible. A fresh experience indeed.

A Breath of Fresh Air

With Spring knocking, there is a lot of wardrobe planning (read: purchases) to be done. This is especially so for tailored clothing as the start of the spring/summer and fall/winter seasons bring with them trunk shows, made-to-measure events and tailor visits. On the latter, Vancouver has been sorely missing. Not quite New York, nor San Francisco, Vancouver has been left out of the trip itineraries of Europe's best bespoke tailors and artisans as they visit North America.

Hopefully there will be better things to come for Vancouver. Already, London-based bespoke tailor Jonathan Quearney has been visiting Vancouver as part of his North American travels for the past two seasons. And maybe if Vancouver is ready for excellence, service, comfort and fit more bespoke tailors will find reason to add it to their lists of cities to visit.