Monday, January 3, 2011

What's in a Wardrobe?

I like the idea of having a wardrobe where there is something to wear for every situation - for example, a particular season, each day of the week maybe, anything that life has to throw at you, or just according to how one feels. Being able to mix and match what you have, and looking chic for it, is the epitome of style. Lest a wardrobe gets excessive, remember: a wardrobe is used and utilitarian to a tee, whereas a collection is about, well, collecting.

So what is in a wardrobe? There will be the staples to see you through the day, some special items here and there, and plenty of accessories to make it all interesting. So here is to sock wardrobes, hat wardrobes, and everything else in between. As to a wardrobe of umbrellas, that may be much - even for rainy Vancouver.

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