Monday, December 27, 2010

For That Glow

Treat your shoes to a day at the spa. Start with a hydrating cream to nourish the leather and work out those wrinkles and fine lines. Saphir's shea butter based cream is a winner.

Now put on some wax to protect the leather. Keep the product natural: wax is all you need, and Kiwi has been the name for basic polishes.

Buff with a brush. The more you do it the better the shine; and we can all stand to be more vibrant can't we? A horsehair brush, in keeping with the natural products theme, is the way to go. For that extra touch of luxury, buff with a sheepskin mit for a shine that says, "wow".

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Shea Butter said...

nice post dear :) as always i look up to them hearing from u :)