Saturday, October 16, 2010

Got Curve?

Curves lend clothes shape, and it goes beyond silhouette. Remember, textiles start as 2D objects and only through seams, steam and darts are they given shape and life. And thus through curves can a garment be more stylish, jaunty and rakish than the next.

The insouciant roll of a classic button-down collar. The graceful roll of a lapel down a coat. The curve on the brim of a fedora. All caress the eye, imbuing the wearer with a certain vibrancy. Think how a silk scarf always looks just right with its soft lines. Even the lowly wrinkle looks better curved as a soft crumple than as a sharp crease.

And the best curves out there? Likely those of shoes. Seems natural for something which is often described as being hot.

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