Monday, September 6, 2010

On Belts

I wish to discourse on belts. Let me begin by saying that black belts are to be paired with black shoes and black shoes alone. It seems most people have this down, though I fear it is because they only wear black shoes.

Having said the above, it is a bit of a surprise that I have not given belts much thought as they do keep my pants up. I was reminded of this critical role when I was asked to remove my belt at the airport security check. The agent did not take kindly to my remark that my pants would fall if I did so. But I digress.

I last left Paris with a pair of beautiful burgundy shoes but somehow passed on a matching handstitched belt - a decision I would like to have back - that would have been the height of my wardrobe. Instead I have made do with a generic department store purchase which somehow has held its own in my wardrobe. Life has a way of working out.

(On the topics of French goods and making do, there are those who can make do with Hermes belts made of the finest skins by the best hands in leather work. Life need not be fair.)

To end, a note: travel clothing store Tilley Endurables, a bit off the beaten sartorial path, has been my source for casual belts of late; and an open question: where can I get a great woven leather belt, as it seems everyone has one yet mine still eludes me?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post on belts. You may try Martin Dingman ( for a woven leather belt. Tilleys do make durable and good quality belts.

As an aside, I have recently switched to side-buckles and eliminated belt loops completely from my business suits. I find the look to be cleaner.