Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How We Compliment

Oh, the many ways we compliment one another - an act which is seemingly random, always unexpected and disappointingly rare. If you can muster it, a warm smile is always preferred over a blank stare. And when words are fancied, a simple "you look great" or "you have great style" makes for a pleasant exchange.

One can be spiffy or sharp, depending on the observer, and indeed sharp-as-shit, although I have yet to associate the latter with being the former. Sometimes just loving a look will do. And when someone is dressed up, does that imply others are dressed down? I like to think people with great style merely dress.

As tastes go, it strikes me as odd that one can be described as tasty or delicious, and having thought about it for some time, my preference is for being delicious. Who would not?

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