Sunday, April 12, 2009

When One Is Not Enough

Favorite item? Weakness? Most versatile piece? It could be anything - bags, shoes, t-shirts, watches, ties - and often one is not enough. What started as one turns into a wardrobe of many. Oh, we try to content ourselves with our stable, only to find ourselves resisting temptation, and reasoning that an addition would be most useful.

A hat maybe? The writing is on the wall:

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Robin said...

I'm glad to see a fellow hat collector, and general sartorialist. it was tom waits and his bedraggled chic that started me in an ongoing hat saga - good to scroll down a fashion blog that features sartorial headwear so heavily.
I came across your blog after seeing comments on Scott's site - there are some nice images - keep up the good work.

from london