Thursday, March 5, 2009

Embracing Wrinkles, Rumples and the Sort

I am here to talk up wrinkles and rumples in clothes. Not the kind on ill-fitting or poorly cared for items, but the ones which are part of a look. Think linen pants with a cotton polo and panama hat, and as my tailor would add, in the south of France.

I am of the straight and narrow, never one to cross a straight line variety, and this is reflected in my clothes - clean lines, trim fit and an air of neatness. Well, my tastes are evolving to include rumples. I am looking forward to the linens and cottons of summer. Scarves worn over shirts with their sleeves pushed up. Cream pants flapping in the breeze. Canvas bags at the market.

I can get use to that. I think I will start in the south of France.

Tan duffle: 22 oz cotton twill, paraffin treated; bridle leather, vegetable tanned; rumpled.

Linen pocket square

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