Saturday, January 24, 2009

That I Do

I do love hats. It started many years ago when I got a new, shorter haircut and was looking for a hat to keep my head warm in the winter. I found myself looking at men's hats; no, not caps or tuques, but classic hats having brims and crowns. It started innocently enough with a brown fur felt fedora, and has since led to a few more felt fedoras and a derby. Repeat in straw for summer hats. Different hat styles, colors and crown shapes seem to make their way into my closet over time. Now, my closet space is somewhat limited, and hat storage takes up a lot of space - at a rate of a box per hat. I may soon have to start sleeping on the couch.

Taupe trilby: Rabbit fur felt, leather sweatband, satin lining.

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