Sunday, January 18, 2009

On Discourse

I recently brought the jacket of a suit back to a store for alterations. I had worn the suit a few times, gotten to know it, and decided that I wanted it trimmer in the sleeves and through the body. My sales associate and the store's made-to-measure specialist went about listening to my wishes and pinning my jacket. Now, this process is always a delicate balance between fit and silhoutte, and it is wise to share one's thoughts and solicit those of others. The store's head tailor was brought in to comment on the proposed changes and things got interesting at this point. I was treated to a discourse rich in culture, craft and generational viewpoints between the MTM specialist and head tailor - each having valid and different viewpoints on how to execute my wishes. It was ringside seats for both me and my sales associate. The experience was so novel to me that I found myself returning to the store two days later to double-check the pinning of the jacket before the alterations were made.

It all ended well as jacket and owner were reunited a week later, and each never looked better. I look forward to future discourses - differences notwithstanding - with the store's associate, specialist and tailor, as they are in the business of making good men look great - a noble undertaking, worthy of gratitude.

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