Friday, November 28, 2008

In Defense of Ties and Socks

I heard on the radio this morning a playful ad making reference to a disappointed man who had just received another tie for the holidays. This reminded me of an equally playful birthday card I received some years back where a cartoon showed Godzilla's disappointment with a gift of socks as he was expecting Tokyo.

I am sure sartorial souls would react differently, especially given the wonderful array of ties and socks out there, and what one can do with them.

Seven fold tie: Hand cut, folded and sewn from a single piece of silk jacquard; un-lined and limited to 40 pieces per design.

Cotton sock: Manufactured by small-scale, family-owned factory in Italy; limited to less than 312 pieces per style or color; delivered with hand-written note.

Godzilla could only be so lucky.

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